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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


After on-line chatting with friends,and then realised that I didn't check my cholesterol level for more than a year. I still remember last year, my total cholesterol index was 4.6 mmol / L. At that time I eat cryptomonadales every day . Due to no health problems ,I had changed to take fish oil (to save money). So this year I am actually taking fish oil pills every day. This time,I did my own test too, the total cholesterol level of mine was 6.99 mmol / L. I was very surprise and hastened to call Pathlab for arrangement to do Lipid Profile. In the waiting process, and so on,I always felt that left chest very uncomfortable, very tired, a lot of sleep also tired, whole body and back very tight , and blood pressure slightly high. It was really scary. This morning,cholesterol report can temporarily breathe a sigh of relief.
  • TC :6.2 mmol/L (<6.5mmol/l)
  • LDL:3.8mmol/L (<2.5mmol/l)
  • TG :1.7mmol/L (<2.0mmol/l)
  • HDL:1.64mmo/L(>1.0mmol/L)
  • TC/HDL:3.8 (<5.0)
  • TG/HDL:1.04 (<2.0)

Friends, although LDL seem high. In fact, I do not worry, because the TG / HDL is only 1.04. Some research showing that TG / HDL <2.0,then>

Because my LDL is belong to the fluffy "beach ball", not the small, dense "baseball like". Therefore, my LDL oxidation is not easy. As long as I keep up with the zone food pyramid dishes can lower the LDL.

Source: The Omega Rx Zone by Dr. Barry Sears

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