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Sunday, September 18, 2011


  • Polypeptide-k acts as natural plant insulin (does not cause hypoglycemia in diabetic patients).

  • Polypeptide-k is a protein molecule made up of 18 amino acids (sequence is similar to bovine insulin) and have been patented worldwide (US patent number:6831162).

  • It works very well in pre-diabetes, diabetic, and cardiovascular cases.

  • It showed no cross reaction with insulin.

  • It has no known toxicity if overdose.

  • It has no known side effects with anti-diabetic drugs.

Supplementation rightfully will also help to reduce insulin resistance. One of the most commonly used food/herbal treatment is BITTER GOURD. Dr. Pushpa Khanna, a Nobel Prize winner and renowned researcher from India, found Polypeptide-k which can:

1.Activates inactive insulin

  • Polypeptide-k attaches to inactive insulin (normally present in diabetics) and this causes it to become active again. Insulin helps to metabolize sugars into energy.

  • Polypeptide-k rejuvenates the pancreas over a period of time.

2.Decreases insulin resistance and improves overall metabolism.

3.Improves metabolism of fat.

SUGARD is made from patented Polypeptide-k, a sequence of 18 amino acids extracted from the seeds of bitter gourd (Momordica charantia).

Who can benefit from Sugard?

1.Diabetic patients / on medications - Type 1 and Type 2.

2.Impaired Glucose tolerance (IGT) individuals .

3.People who have cravings for sweet food (junk food, desserts, sweets, canned drinks, etc).

4.Family history of diabetes .

5.Frequent meals high in refined sugars .

6.People who are obese .

7.People who have hypertension / high cholesterol .

Only 1 sachet before each meal or as needed..

The Prime Sugard is now available in Malaysia, the price is RM75/30sachets

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