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Sunday, June 10, 2007


After reading the information that provided by Miss Tan ,i believe this product will be sell like `hot cake' in Malaysia. WHY?

1) UNIQUE COMBINATION, it contains all water-soluble Bs and C vitamins in high dosage;plus the essential minerals;Calcium, Magnesium and trace element;Zinc.

2) BRAIN & NERVE FUNCTION, All nutrients work in synergy for efficient brain and nerve function.

a) B vitamins and C in higher concentration:important in energy

metabolism, the development and function of nerve cells.

b) Calcium and Magnesium important for neuromuscular function.

c) Zinc to complement and enforce the formula,important in the development and functioning of the nerve cells.

3) FOCUS AND ALERT,it will improve the efficiency of brain and nerve function by keep you focus and alert for optimal mental performance such as improve concentration,reduce tension and tiredness.Why not you try 1 tablet or effervescent 1 hour before exercise (badminton,soccer,etc)? Then,you will believe what i say is true!!!

4) CLINICALLY TESTED & PROVEN, well-established & globally accepted clinical studies; Carroll & Schlebusch studies proven that Berocca assists in reducing symptom of STRESS. Most of the Doctors and pharmacists in Malaysia are evidence-based.

5) EASY TO TAKE, available in an easy-to-swallow film coated tablet and great tasting orange-flavoured effervescent format.


1) Eat a diet composed of 50% -70% raw foods (fresh fruits and vegetables) . Avoid processed foods. Limit intake of caffeine. Avoid alcohol,tobacco and mood-altering drugs.

2) Get regular exercise.

3) Learn to relax.

4) Get sufficient sleep.

5) Try meditation.

6) Practice deep breathing.

7) Identify the sources of stress in your life. This can be an important first step in managing stress.

8) Take one or few days off. Go to holiday,go to beach,island,lake etc (you may visit ),whatever you find rewarding and relaxing.

9) Pursue a hobby.

10) Avoid hassles.

11) Do not repress or deny your emotion.

12) Work on creating a stress-free home environment.

13) Try not take life too seriously. Learn to laugh.

14) If stress-related symptoms become chronic or recurrent,consult your doctor to rule out an underlying illness.

15) If you feel you simply can not handle the stresses in your life, consider seeking outside help,whether a trusted friend or a professional counselor.

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