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Thursday, June 7, 2007


Today news: Petaling veterinary office received a report from a resident in the village on June 2 that 60 chickens had suddenly died over thee days. The virus was discovered and this is the first time the H5N1 virus has reappeared after the outbreak in Kelantan in March last year.

Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Ministry secretary-general Datuk Dr Zulkifli Idris said culling of chickens and birds within 1 km radius of the village started yesterday. Dr Zulkifli said the whole country has been put on red alert and officers in other states have been directed to monitor birds in their area. Good job Sir ! Keep it up !

Today's topic will talk about H5N1 or avian influenza!


The risk of avian influenza to humans is almost entirely confined to those who have had close contact with infected domestic poultry. For people who have no contact with domestic or wild birds the risk is almost non-existent. To date, most human cases of avian influenza have occured in rural or periurban areas where many households keep small poultry flocks,which often roam freely,sometimes entering homes or sharing outdoor areas where children play. As infeced birds shed large quantities of the virus in their faeces, opportunities for exposure to infected droppings or to environments contaminated by the virus are abundant under such conditions. Exposure is considered most likely during slaughter, defeathering, butchering, and preparation of poultry for cooking.


There is concern that the virus - if given enough opportunities - will change into a form that is highly infectious for humans and spreads easily from person to person, but this has yet to occur. WHO 's investigation has found no evidence that the virus has increased in its transmissibility or is spreading from person to person. So far so good in Malaysia too!!


In areas experiencing outbreaks, poultry and poultry products can also be safely consumed provided these items are properly cooked and properly handled during food preparation. The H5N1 virus is sensitive to heat. Normal temperatures used for cooking(70 Celsius in all parts of the food) will kill the virus. Consumers need to be sure that all parts of the poultry are FULLY COOKED (NO "PINK" PARTS) AND THAT EGGS ,TOO, ARE PROPERLY COOKED (NO "RUNNY" YOLKS). Persons involved in food preparation should wash their hands thoroughly and clean and disinfect surfaces in contact with the poultry products such as hand wash liquid that formulated with chlorhexidine gluconate. (Please ask your pharmacist). Avian influenza is not transmitted through cooked food.


Initial symptoms include high fever(> 38 Celsius) and influenza-like symptoms.
Diarrhoea,vomiting, abdominal pain,chest pain, and bleeding from nose and gums have also been reported as early symptoms in some.
Respiratory distress, a hoarse voice, and a crackling sound when inhaling are commonly seen.
Sputum production is variable and sometimes bloody.
Almost all patients develop pneumonia and are unresponsive to treatment with antibiotics.
Clinical deterioration is rapid with respiratory failure ranging 3 to 16 days after symptom onset.
Another common feature is multi organ dysfunction.

Avoid visiting poultry farms or homes where poultry is reared.
Avoid contact with live poultry and birds.
Avoid crowded areas and live in a place with good ventilation.
Wash hands thoroughly with water and an effective hand wash after handling poultry and poultry products.
Cook all poultry and poultry products thoroughly.
Observe good personal and environmental hygiene.
Build up a strong immunity in the body by observing a regular exercise regime,well balanced diet, adequate rest, reduce stress and refrain from smoking.
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Limited evidence suggests that oseltamivir (Tamiflu), can reduce the duration of viral replication and improve prospects of survival, provided they are administered within 48 hours following symptom onset. However, most patients have been detected and treated late in the course of illness. For this reason, clinical data on the effectiveness of oseltamivir is limited.The recommended dose of oseltamivir may be obtained from the product information insert.


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