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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Curcuminoids is not soluble in water and it is poorly absorbed into the bloodstream and once there,it is rapidly metabolized. This may be the reason why most people do not obtain all the benefits curcuminoids have to offer when they take supplements that contain turmeric alone.

Studies show that when a small amount of piperine (patented Bioperine US Patent 5,972,382) which is extracted from black pepper, is combined with turmeric extract in a capsule, the absorption of curcuminoids into the bloodstream is dramatically increased(2000%). Besides enhancing absorption of curcuminoids into bloodstream, piperine also helps by inhibiting the enzymes that breakdown curcuminoids, which makes curcuminoids stay in the body longer and in higher quantities for maximum effectiveness.

New evidence suggests Turmeric, a bright yellow colour curry spice can prevent many diseases. A growing body of research indicates that curcuminoids, the active components in Turmeric could be used to prevent a wide range of illness from colorectal cancer to Alzheimer's disease to arthritis and skin disorders. Studies have shown that curcuminoids has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and cholesterol lowering properties. And it is also a natural COX-2(anti-inflammatory agent) inhibitor for relieving pain and a promising anti-cancer agent. Scientists have also noted that curcuminoids support healthy blood sugar metabolism and offer a promise to fight diabetes.

Research activity on curcuminoids has increased dramatically over the past few years and to-date hundreds of papers have been published.

To enjoy the full benefits of Curcuminoids, ask your pharmacist today for a formulation that specially combines Turmeric Extract with patented Bioperine and Black Pepper extract.

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Urban said...

I tried turmeric with black pepper extract. There were many side effects, all of them good. The important ones were that the swelling in my legs has gone away and My blood pressure fell from my normal level of 140/70 to 105/50. The most important thing is that my blood pressure has stayed at the new low level. It has been 6 to 8 months since I first tried turmeric and my blood pressure has ranged from a minimum of 95/45 to a maximum of 115/60 and averaged about 105/50.