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Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Scientists believe a male sex hormone called dihydrotestoterone(DHT) is a key factor. As you age ,DHT starts to build up around your hair folicle. DHT causes hair folicle to shrink until it no longer produces hair. This process slowly depletes your stock of hair leading to permanent hair loss. Studies showed balding man have high levels of DHT in their scalp.
Will it happen to YOU? The best way to predict is to look at your male relatives on both sides of the family. If they are balding, ask them when it started ! It can begin as early as in your 20s. By age 50, 50% of men would already have noticeable hair loss.
Why choose SABALSELECT ? SABALSELECT is a natural extract of Saw Palmetto berries produced under patent by Italian company, Indena. SABALSELECT works in the same way as finasteride, the drug use for male pattern baldness, but with fewer side effects. It blocks formation of DHT in your scalp. This prevents shrinkage of your hair follicles and keeps your hair from further thinning. Under this patented process,SABALSELECT contains 17 types of fatty acids for optimum synergistic effect.
It takes a while for hair to thin, so it will also take time to reverse the process. SABALSELECT can only work over the long term if you continue taking it. Beside this, SABALSELECT is also effective for men's vitality as it keeps the prostate healthy.

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robin.b.hendon said...

For the past nine months I have been taking 320mg/day of Sabalselect as supplied by Androbalance in capsule form. I am 63 and suffer from BPH. I have a three-yearly hospital test in which urinary flow rate, volumetric retention and prostate assessment scores are measured. My most recent test was 3rd July 2008, and it was a humdinger, with flow rate, retention and score "much better" than three years ago. I had indeed noticed big improvements after about four months on the capsules. My consultant laughed when I told him I was taking a supplement, and asked me which one. When I told him it was saw palmetto he laughed again and said that many of his patients were reporting the same. Enough said. For me it means the difference between living an ordinary life or facing the surgeon's knife and all its horror stories...

Robin Baker, London.