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Sunday, November 18, 2007


A scar is a mark that remains after a wound heals. Some people get scars that are not flat due to several factors such as age, scar location and size, nutrition, genetics, and infection. Hypertrophic scars are the ones that are elevated above the surface of the skin, but confined within the wound area.
Another type is called keloid scars which raise above the surface of the skin and spread beyond the original wound area into the surrounding skin areas. Atrophic scars are depressed and hyperpigmentated marks which are more noticeable on the face such as acne, chicken pox marks and stretch marks.
There are various options to treat scars such as X-ray therapy, cryosurgery, removing the scars through surgery or injecting corticosteroids into the scar areas. However, the success rate can be unpredictable and can result in pain.

Now, there is another option to heal scars painlessly and effectively. Mederma skin care for scars, the first topical gel formulated to help scars appears softer and smoother, is suitable for hypertrophic, keloidal and atrophic scars.

The active ingredients are cepae extract and allantoin. Cepae extract is taken from onions and it promotes regeneration, reducing swelling and prevents excessive growth of the connective tissue. Meanwhile, allantoin encourages wound healing and has a soothing effect. Furthermore, allantoin also helps to replenish and regulate the extreme lack of water in the scar tissue.

This water soluble ointment base allows the active ingredients to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. In many cases, Mederma skin care for scars makes scar tissues elastic again and restores most of their functionality.

For further info, please consult your reliable pharmacists or contact 03-78801380.

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